Workshops & Symposia

Mr. Fairplay strives to continue the tradition of stone carving by teaching and training. He taught at the Building Crafts College, London,UK, trained American carvers while head carver at Carnegie Mellon University, and as head carver at Agrell and Thorpe Ltd., held classes at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Mr Fairplay continues to hold classes and symposia annually through Southwest Stoneworks, New Mexico; Stonefest, Washington; and for the Stone Foundation in Mallorca, Spain; Asheville, North Carolina; Ventura, California; Barrie, Vermont; and Santa Fe, New Mexico among others.

Topics include:

  • The basic geology of types of carving stones
  • Understanding the formation of these stones and their application to sculpture and architecture
  • Design and composition
  • The use of sketches, drawing, maquettes, models as well as direct carving
  • The use of negative space, line and speed of line
  • Developing skills for roughing out
  • Finishing techniques, detailed carving and surface treatment
  • Limitations of the material
  • Tools:
    • Tools and their relation to the density of stones
    • The usage of traditional hand tools and their percussive effect
    • Modern 20th century pneumatic and electric carving tools
    • Sharpening chisels
    • Present day diamond/carbide tools